Thursday, August 5, 2010

A life journey through the pain.....

Life should be about beginnings - not endings; past several years have been a journey through both. Sometimes there must be an ending to find a new beginning - the path you were meant to follow. Although endings may be sad & painful, the journey is what makes you who you are - a source from where you draw strength. It is in the valleys that we grow - that we develop determination. "Embrace your destiny" - to thine own self be true.

We all are blessed with special gifts to share. We should strive to surround ourselves with friendships and relationships that "compliment" our own personalities, bring balance to our lives, joy to our hearts and "nurture" our souls. Take time to search our hearts, our desires, cultivate our special gifts, enjoy and develop hobbies, give back, pay it forward, be a blessing to others and take time to LAUGH!!! Laughing is one of the best medicines!! :)

Do you "feel" the passion? Do you "hear" the music? Does your soul "dance"? Reach for the stars. We are only bound by our own self imposed limitations. Each failure is one step closer to success. Walk barefoot in the grass - watch the clouds graceful dance - feel the gentle breeze or soft rain upon your face - listen to the "quiet" - smile - watch a butterfly's graceful, often erratic, flight - gaze up at the stars and see the depths of the universe - allow your senses to experience the moment - be the miracle.

One of the best descriptions I love describing life - life is like a roller coaster, some days its up, some days its down, but it is always in motion. Mistakes are a fact of life, it is often the response to the error that counts. In life we should seek those that don't walk in "front" of us, as we may not follow - that don't walk "behind" us, as we may not lead - but walks "beside" us and is a true friend or soul mate.

A good motto is "always remember where you are now is not your final destination!"
Life is a choice!

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