Monday, August 16, 2010


Life often throws us a curve ball; often when we least expect it. I always say "Some days life is up, some days life is down, but life is always in motion". Comfort comes in knowing that this too shall pass, tomorrow brings a new day. It is up to us how we "choose" to live - spend our gift.

This past week has been one of those curve balls; a difficult journey. A loved one was called home unexpectedly.

Although gone, will not be forgotten. We can celebrate his life and memories. He lives on through our hearts. His smile remains ever present. :) His gift of organ donation gives back to others and blesses their lives...........he lives on.

Received an email this morning, reminding that life does continue. We must always make the best and most of life. Today is a gift from above; yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown. The email was a poem about smiles. A reminder that often the best medicine is the simple act of smiling and laughter.

May your life be blessed!
May your smiles be many!
May you always comfort another in need!
May you never forget your roots!
May love of faith and family always provide strength and purpose!


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